south african

Since 1997 Reluke have been manufacturing customized hats and caps and currently produce 107 styles.
We stock no imported products and our trained staffs produce 10 000 hats or caps per week.
86% of our staff had no past work experience
and was trained by Reluke.
Our focus is 100% on job creation in South Africa  

your colour

All our caps and hats can be made from any colour as per our colour charts or combinations of these colours or supply your own fabric.

fabric types

We offer 3 fabric types to choose from. 100% cotton (22 colours), 100 % polyester (49 colours) or cotton twill (50 colours)

You may also choose between 6 types of closures.



Buckle & Grommet

Slide Buckle & Grommet

Side buckle & Tuck

Flex Fit

Plastic Snap